At the BlueFoot SeaFood Company, we truly belive that a controlled supply chain makes all thew difference when looking freshness. This is why we have dedicated the last 40 years to developing completely verticaly integrated operations: from the hatchery and farms, to the processing, export and ultimately sale of our shrimp and tilapia, you can rest assured that our product has come from our ponds in Ecuador to your shelves in less than 26 hours.

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We care about what you eat.

Our product is completely natural and grown in low-density ponds, land-based polyculture ponds. Unlike high-density caged systems, no overcrowding in our ponds means good fish health, wich in turn means no need for hormones or antibiotics, ever!


We care about our people.

We are the largest private employer in Ecuador offering jobs that help sustain over 15.000 families in rural and urban areas. Our BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certification can attest to our commitment and a path to self development and professional success.


We care about our planet.

We are ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified and we donate a portion of all our shrimp sales to the Charles Darwin Foundation, which aims to preserve our rich Ecuadorian biodiversity on the Galapagos Island, home of our endeared Bluefoot species.